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Backup Power Systems
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Solar Electric Online solution's eliminate power outages, keep critical electronics and appliances running, eliminating headaches, saves money, and provides peace of mind.

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Keep businesses operating seamlessly providing instant standby power to critical systems such as; phone systems, computers & servers, cash registers, emergency lighting, and more.  Make one of our systems part of your disaster recovery plan.

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Protect your home, family or home office by supplying automatic backup power to lights, computers, sump pumps, refrigerators, furnace fans, and much more.

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Remote Applications

Use a Solar Electric Online solution for remote locations.  Provide backup power or create your own power. Standalone backup systems or integrated system utilizing solar panels and/or wind turbines.

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Quiet, Clean and Instant Backup Power

Solar Electric Online offers fuel-free standby power systems to supply quiet, clean and instant electrical power needed to keep your critical devices running. Businesses and residences can rest easy during storm outages, rolling brownouts and blackouts. Lights stay on, computers keep working and appliances keep running. No engine noise, no harmful emissions, no fuel. Power your independence for energy when and where you need it.

How does it work?

Our advanced systems integrate with the electrical panel and connects to the critical circuits that your business or home needs during an unexpected interruption in electrical power. When the electrical utility grid is disrupted, the stored energy within your Solar Electric Online system automatically supplies electricity to critical electrical circuits within milliseconds, (thousandths of a second).

We also offer a complete line of stand-alone models are independent of the electrical panel and are portable.  These models can provide backup power or portable power where you needed it.

The energy storage system consists of specially designed high power, long life and rechargeable batteries. The batteries are maintenance free, emission free and automatically recharge either when the grid power returns or through optional solar panels or wind generator.  It’s a quiet, safe and eco-friendly way to have standby power for your business, house, home office or remote location.

Add solar electric to your backup power solution to create a Solar Generator
and qualify the entire system cost for significant discount incentives.

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